If you are planning to spruce up your outdoor space, but you’re not sure where to begin, look into the possibility of a lanai room. This unique open-sided room style originated in Hawaii, where the beautiful weather allows most homes, apartments, hotels, and restaurants to enjoy lanais. The trend has now spread to many warm southern states in the continental US, especially Florida.

Dsc01776How Is a Lanai Different from a Porch or Veranda?
You may be thinking that a lanai sounds very similar to a standard porch or veranda. While the rooms all share similarities, they also have distinct differences. A porch typically extends off the back of a house and can be screened in, while a veranda runs across the front or side of a house to offer an open air gallery.

A lanai is different from both of these because it can appear in so many forms. A lanai is often decorated and treated more like an interior room, and it is usually characterized by being completely open on one side. In fact, it’s very popular in Florida for a lanai to flow directly into the Tampa screen enclosure pool area for a comfortable, welcoming, and shaded atmosphere.

Considerations for Direction
Whether your lanai faces north, south, east, or west will make a dramatic difference in how much you can enjoy it on sunny days. A lanai opening east will enjoy the sunrise and a strong sun presence until about noon, when west-facing lanais receive the heat of the afternoon and a stunning sunset. Southern lanais tend to receive sunshine all day long, while north-facing lanais don’t get direct sunlight but still benefit from the warmth. You’ll also save more in future tampa screen repair costs by considering the direction.

If your only option is to construct your lanai facing east or west, it might be a wise idea to invest in retractable blinds so you can control how much sun you receive.

Your lanai can be developed into any type of environment that you wish. Have fun with your furnishings and enjoy this new part of your home!

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